Programs & Services

Aging Well

The Aging Well program is delivered by a qualified Nurse Practitioner who will visit patients in their home for a full assessment and medication review.

Mental Health

At the LGCFHT, both body and mind can be addressed with a professional health care provider. Meet with our registered social worker or psychiatrist


Our pharmacist, is able to provide comprehensive medication therapy management through patient centered pharmaceutical care.

Primary Care

Our diverse team of health care providers are focused on you, the patient, and strive to bring you the very best in health care services. The LGCFHT’s integrated

COPD Screening Program

The Lung Health Program is delivered by our Certified Respiratory Educators (CRE), a Nurse Practitioner, and a Registered Nurse, along with a multidisciplinary

Diabetes Education Centre

Individuals living with diabetes, or pre-diabetes, learn to manage their condition, enabling them to live healthier lives. Participants learn how to test their blood

Dietitian Services

Registered dietitians are highly qualified health professionals who are uniquely trained to translate scientific research about food and nutrition into practical solutions for

Women’s Wellness Program

Cervical screening based on Canadian Guidelines.

Smoking Reduction Program

The LGCFHT offers patients smoking cessation/reduction services to help improve their chances of quitting & support them through their quit.